Oculus losing the VR battle to Vive according to Steam hardware survey

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The Steam hardware survey for May reveals some interesting numbers indicating that the HTC Vive is the preferred VR hardware by PC gamers.

The May survey shows that the HTC Vive has a 66.1% share of VR gamers compared to 19.49% for the Oculus Rift. The difference is quite sizable but there are other factors to consider. Vive users require Steam and some Oculus users may not even use Steam, but the numbers do show there is quite a gap even taking those factors into account. It’s unlikely in this day and age PC gamers would not be using Steam.

The survey also shows that only 0.09% of Steam users have a Vive and 0.07% have a Rift. It’s understandable that these numbers would be low due to the price of the hardware and it also demonstrates how much of a risk a developer is taking by creating VR only titles.

Following all the pre-oder shipping problems with the Rift and the Oculus Store exclusive debate which is still on-going, it’s not surprising the HTV Vive is coming out on top.

You can check the full results for all hardware here for May and hopefully these will be updated again soon.

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