Death Road to Canada released on PC

Posted on 07/22 19:40 in | 0

Death Road to Canada, first Kickstarted back in the middle of 2013, has been released today on Steam. Promising control over a “car full of jerks”, the game plops you down inside a randomly generated road trip simulator (plus zombies).

Pretty much everything sounds as if it’s randomised on each run, including locations, events, as well as survivor appearances (and personalities). The aforementioned zombies are of the slow moving, swarming type, which means you could get mobbed by up to 500 of them at once. Luckily there are lots of weapons and special abilities to make use of; and if things get too tight you can always just drive off in a giant hot-dog shaped vehicle.

Here’s your Death Road to Canada HOT FEATURES list. Pay special attention to the last one, because it seems very important.

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