Total War: Warhammer outlines free multiplayer changes

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Ahead of the 28 July Call of the Beastmen DLC release, Creative Assembly have laid out most of the Total War: Warhammer changes that’ll be coming with an accompanying free update. Some of this (the addition of the Amber wizard for Empire) was already known, but other parts contain new information.

Full patch notes with details of multiplayer re-balancing are promised “soon” (probably Friday when all of this comes out), ahead of that Creative Assembly have revealed that customisation of Lords and Heroes will be added. “Unit abilities, spells and items can now be added/subtracted for lords and heroes in custom and multiplayer battles,” which will give a lot more tactical flexibility when choosing characters for multiplayer … and will probably lead to some scarily overpowered lords.

As you’d imagine, adding a bunch of abilities, spells, and items to the ‘base’ version of a character will increase their cost. A lot of this sounds like it will be subject to change, as Creative Assembly add the note: “Please bear in mind that this is our first iteration of this feature.”

Total War: Warhammer’s multiplayer will also be getting four new free maps to clash upon. These can be seen in the gallery below, and are the Stir River (the border between Stirland and Talabecland), Grimminhagen (a cliff-lined canyon), Fall of Men (the mountains of Bretonnia), and Kelp & Koldust (based outside a ruined Empire village).

In addition to all that, Sarthorael the Everwatcher will become a playable Lord in custom and multiplayer battles (as long as you’ve unlocked him by finishing the main campaign).

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