Paragon v29 released to fix balancing issues. Patch notes

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Epic has just released the Paragon v29 update which will please players who have been frustrated by the balance issues.

This update is a mainly focusing on balance, especially with the casters. Twinblast and Rampage will have hopefully also bee brought into line but we have yet to test it.

Epic’s biggest problem right now are the actual players and matchmaking system. Players still don’t know what the hell they are doing most of the time and most don’t know what working as team actually means. I do believe this is a console player problem still so I hope for the sake of the game they will let PC players team-up and have the option to block out Ps4 players.

I have been edurin gtrhe pain of playing Paragon to keep on top of it but it’s proving harder to stomach every week. Anyway, here’s the patch vide and notes below.

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