Pathologic 'reinvention' releases new screenshots

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Ice-Pick Lodge’s new version of Pathologic, funded on Kickstarter back in October 2014, appears to be making progress towards release. It’ll be at Gamescom (by appointment only) in a ‘hands on’ capacity, and has today released a new set of in-game screenshots.

This full ‘reinvention’ (Ice-Pick Lodge’s preferred term) is not to be confused with the ‘HD’ re-release from last year. That was a re-issue of the original with some HD trimmings; this is intended to be a major graphical and linguistic upgrade, and “while remaining faithful to the core ideas of the original, [will] explore them further and look for new methods of representation”.

You’ll still be controlling one of three characters visiting a thoroughly enigmatic town afflicted by plague. And it’ll still be the same alienating, beguiling Pathologic experience, I’m sure.

Here are some of the places you’ll be visiting and feeling confused about.

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