No Man's Sky 1.03 day one patch notes released

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Hello Games have released a pretty extensive changelog for version 1.03 of No Man’s Sky; the version of the game that people will actually be playing on release day. That release day on PC, for those who don’t know yet, was officially pushed back to 12 August.

There is a note directed at people who snagged early release copies (which will all be PS4 versions), stating “your save game will technically work post update, but you will miss out on new content and experiences if you don’t delete your save before updating”. Hello Games also confirm that pre-release should be the only time it’s necessary to delete a save before an update. Servers, they say, will be wiped either today or Monday.

“We expect future updates like these to continue to be free,” they add. It’s also stated that this update will be the first “of many” across the game’s life time.

Patch 1.03 for No Man’s Sky will be available on launch day (be that 9 August for PS4, or 12 August on PC), and on Monday for those with review copies. With review code going out so late, it’s probably not worth putting much stock in any ‘review’ that appears super early.

Here’s the full list of changes. Depending how you feel about spoilers, it’s fair to say that some of these notes might contain things you don’t want to learn ahead of release. So fair warning there.

In the next No Man’s Sky update, look out for “the ability to build bases and own giant space freighters. Temporal AA and my new cloud rendering tech should be coming soon too.”

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