Evolve Stage 2 adds Cataclysm map and co-op vs AI matchmaking

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The freshly free-to-play Evolve (or Evolve Stage 2 for the full ‘branding’) continues its Shear Madness period with a new update dubbed Cataclysm. It changes the familiar Orbital Drill map to one “engulfed in hellfire”.

Starting a hunt on the Cataclysm varient of Orbital Drill is a risky business, because damaging meteors are now falling from the sky. Luckily, they also cause damage to the monster if they strike it. Even more luckily, some special “Generyst infused” meteors will actually heal, instead of harm, anybody they hit. So that’s useful.

Evolve’s latest update is also adding a “brand matchmaking queue, Co-op vs AI”, which (as the name suggests) will let you find co-op games against AI monsters. Here’s a little video showing the Cataclysmified Orbital Drill map.

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