AMD Crimson 16.8.2 driver released, support for No Man's Sky

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The PC launch for No Man’s Sky has not been going well, but if you have an AMD GPU you may as well give the newly released 16.8.2 Crimson drivers a whirl. In the release notes, support for No Man’s Sky is specifically mentioned.

16.8.2 also brings support for Paragon’s upcoming open beta. In terms of headline fixes, this release should sort of the “intermittent application crash” when browsing the hero gallery in Overwatch and remove the problems some Windows 10 Anniversary Edition users were seeing when trying to install drivers “with secure boot enabled”.

As well as that, FreeSync users should no longer be seeing flicking on their screens when the system is idle. Below are the full lists of fixed and known issues with Crimson 16.8.2.

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