Blizzard hinting at major Diablo news at BlizzCon 2016?

Posted on 08/21 19:18 in | 0

There’s been a lot of speculation about the what Blizzard may show at this year BlizzCon for Diablo and a new tweet might just indicate there’s some news incoming.

A tweet from Blizzard hopefully hints at something major this year.

For the past twelve months, there’s been hints that Blizzard is working on something new for the franchise with numerous job postings appearing, including one for a new game director following the departure of Josh Mosquiera and a subsequent job posting.

At last year’s BlizzCom a Blizzard CM was reported to have said, “Diablo fans are going to lose their ****” come BlizzCon 2016”.

BlizzCon is only matter of months away and if there is something planned then no doubt there will be further teases on the weeks ahead.

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