Mafia 3 licensed soundtrack revealed with some real 60s classics

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Mafia 3 is looking quite tasty, and if you’ve watched any of the trailers, then you’ll know the game’s soundtrack is sounding excellent.

A full list of licensed track has now been revealed and will include some real 60s classics and there’s 100 licensed songs appearing in Mafia 3 (see full list). Some of the tracks include:

“The 1960s marked some of the best years for artistic expression.  From rhythm and blues to the transformative progression of rock and roll, it is critical for us to represent this era accurately and authentically in Mafia 3,” said Haden Blackman, studio head and creative director at Hangar 13.  “This soundtrack immerses players into a golden age of music that includes some of the greatest and most beloved artists and music of all time.”

The game will also feature original 26 tracks from Jesse Harlin and Jim Bonney which will feature during gunfights, cut scenes and other in-game moments.

The Collector’s Edition of Mafia 3 will also include the official soundtrack and original game score on 180 gram vinyl.

The selected music will be a joy to hear in Mafia 3, you can’t beat some Jefferson Airplane, Stones and Cream.

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