FIFA 17 Top 50 player ratings countdown hits 30-21

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EA have been working their way through a full FIFA 17 Top 50 player ranking chart this week, with today’s unveil covering the players in positions 30-21 in the list. Yesterday, they revealed positions 50-31.

Those ranked between 30-21 all have overall ratings of 88. Players who featured at this year’s European Championships in France are (as you’d imagine) pretty heavily represented. Chiellini, Buffon, Hazard, and Iniesta all show up in this latest chunk of list. EA say these FIFA 17 ratings are “Based on performances over the last 365 days in league and cup competitions”.

Here’s the full list to date, with the new player additions from position 30 to position 21 added. It looks like 10-4 are getting a reveal tomorrow, followed by the Top 3 (Ronaldo, Messi and … someone else, most likely) on Thursday.

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