FIFA 17 Top 50 player rankings reach 20-11

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EA continue to eke out the list of Top 50 players in the upcoming FIFA 17, today reaching the dizzying heights of 20-11. If you missed the prior 50-21 places, don’t worry, they’re all included in the list below.

Showing up in this particular section are defensive hard-man turned cultured European Championship winner Pepe, Manchester United’s recent re-acquisition (and almost European Championship winner) Paul Pogba, fellow Frenchman Antoine Griezmann, and perennial fantasy football choice Sergio Aguero. Everybody in the 20-11 range is rated either 88 or 89.

The rest of the FIFA 17 list will be appearing over the next two days, with the majority of the Top 10 (10-4) coming tomorrow, and the final three getting revealed on Friday. For quick reference, the list so far is below. If you want a look at the actual Ultimate Team card for each player, EA’s site has those details.

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