Mafia 3's latest video makes a racket about rackets

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In the second of 2K’s ‘World of New Bordeaux’ promo trailers for Mafia 3, we’re introduced to the various scams and rackets Lincoln Clay will be disrupting during the game. ‘Disrupting’ is probably putting it a little mildly, since (in this video at least), Clay seems pretty intent on destroying an operation and then sowing metaphorical salt into the ground just to make sure.

Some rackets will flourish again, however, under the guidance of Lincoln and his associates. But before that can happen, he needs to shut down the various criminal activities going on under big-boss Sal Marcano. Local drug pushers, PCP labs, dodgy safe-houses, pimps, brothels, casinos, black market cargo; Clay intends to burn them all down.

Mafia 3 is coming to PC on 7 October. Here’s the racket about rackets.

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