Deus Ex: Mankind Divided PC patch 5 adds DirectX 12 support

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As indicated by Eidos Montreal the other day, today has seen the release of DirectX 12 support for Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. It comes as part of Patch 5, which continues to make fixes and changes to the game.

If you’re on Windows 10 and want to see whether DirectX 12 will further cybernetically enhance Adam Jensen’s adventures, you need to opt-in to a separate Steam branch. To do that, right-click on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided in the Steam library, select Properties, navigate to the Betas tab and choose the DX12 branch from the drop-down menu. That should stop DirectX 12 being greyed out in the launcher window, and allow you to select it in-game as well (you’ll need to restart to apply it if you do it on the fly).

Nixxes say their ‘final’ DX12 release will be on 19 September and include both feedback from people who’ve tried out the alternative API and support for multi-GPU set-ups (not currently present). If you want to ditch the DX12 branch, just follow the same steps above but deselect it from the drop-down.

If you’re using an AMD card and a CPU that’s towards the weaker end, you’ll probably see small FPS boosts with DX12. At this stage, improvements for other set-ups may be pretty minimal.

Here are the DX12 notes, followed by the regular patch notes.

Known DirectX 12 issue:
– There is a known bug that causes some very high end cards to regress relative to DirectX 11. This bug is being addressed by the development team.

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