Blizzard surveys StarCraft 2 players on DLC such as voice packs

Posted on 09/10 19:26 in | 0

A survey has been sent our to a portion of the StarCraft 2 community to find out what they think about possible StarCraft 2 microtransactions.

Blizzard has been ramping up their microtransactions in games over the past few years and now they appear to be moving on to StarCraft 2. The survey mail sent out appears to be different for each recipient to help them get an idea of what people want and at what price.

Voice packs, skins and emojis are examples of what Blizzard are thinking about and example pricings in the email indicate they would be looking at $3.99 for a unit skin, $2.49 for a pack of ten emojis, or $3.99 for a voice pack.

Voices they have suggested included Moran Freeman, Snoop Dog, and even their own Dustin Browder, to name a few.

There’s no doubt that the StarCraft community would start spending when mircrotransactions become available. It’s a model that Blizzard has started to embrace more and more.

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