Electronic Arts merges Bioware, EA Mobile and Maxis to form EA Worldwide Studios

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There’s an organisational shake-up at Electronic Arts today with the formation of EA Worldwide Studios.

EA state that the change has been implemented to “strengthen” EA’s studios and technology platform. EA are looking to “work on EA’s powerful brand portfolio and new IP” with Maxis, EA Mobile joining the “central studios organization” which is led by Patrick Söderlund.

Samantha Ryan will also now take over leadership of Bioware due to “her love for RPGs and experience with open-world adventure games”. Ryan is currently Senior Vice President of EA Mobile so her involvement in Bioware is a new position.

EA’s CTO Ken Moss will now also be in charge of the Frostbite Engine team.

What does this mean for the average gamer? We’ll have to wait and see, but it sounds like everything is being consolidated to share ideas and technology across all platforms.

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