Valve removes every Digital Homicide title from Steam

Posted on 09/17 04:46 in | 0

At the conclusion of our earlier news report about Digital Homicide’s efforts to subpoena Valve into handing over Steam user information, I wondered how Valve would respond. Now we know. By de-listing every single Digital Homicide title on Steam.

A search by developer on Steam now brings up no sign of the litigious studio. As with other titles that have been de-listed by Steam, these games are not fully removed. People who purchased them previously will still have the titles in their libraries and be able to play them, but Digital Homicide titles will no longer be sold through Steam.

In a statement to the press, Doug Lombardi has confirmed that this was action taken by Valve over the attempted Digital Homicide lawsuit against 100 Steam users. “Valve has stopped doing business with Digital Homicide for being hostile to Steam customers,” Lombardi states.

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