Total War: Warhammer Grombrindal DLC confirmed

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The slightly mysterious ‘Grombrindal’ DLC reference uncovered in the Total War: Warhammer SteamDB files last month has now been confirmed. An image of November’s issue of White Dwarf features what appears to be an attached card featuring Grombrindal.

It’s a fairly low resolution image (even more so when I enlarged it, below), but you can read “Grombrindal – The White Dwarf” and “Exclusive Free New Lord”, as well as see the familiar Total War: Warhammer logo. There’s some other text that’s too small for me to make out properly (something like “for the award winning PC [word] game”, I think), and then a line about getting a percentage discount on the game with the enclosed card.

The full cover can be seen on Reddit, though that’s not a great deal more help.

Grombrindal is basically White Dwarf magazine’s mascot character, so whether he’ll be ‘exclusive’ to just their readers is not yet clear. It’s the November issue, which, going by the odd way magazines tend to label themselves one month in the future, probably means it’s due in October. No doubt we’ll find out more by then, if not before.

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