Titanfall 2 PC system specs and graphics options detailed in full

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Respawn may have given the PC the cold shoulder in terms of beta testing, but they’re trying to make amends with an extensive, detailed post about Titanfall 2’s PC-specific options. In it, the studio go over the Minimum, Recommended, and ‘Ultra 4K60’ system specs (and what they actually mean by those), as well as detailing aspect ratio support, graphics options, and more.

This is one of the more open and expansive pre-launch PC information releases I’ve seen, which makes a nice change. A few items of note before I start copy-pasting feature lists: the frame-rate in Titanfall 2 tops out at 144, 21:9 widescreen support is in, there’s an FOV slider, and 4K resolution is supported too.

Control-wise, the keyboard inputs will be “fully remappable”, and mouse acceleration can be disabled. Respawn also confirm that the audio files will be localised this time, to prevent a repeat of the first game’s massive download. Lots of good stuff, in other words.

Before you look at the system specs, these are Respawn’s goals for Minimum, Recommended and Ultra 4K60. The Minimum specs should get you “a 1600×900 resolution with most details turned on and average around 60fps”. Recommended, meanwhile, has Respawn “aiming for details nearly maxed out, 1920×1080 resolution (2560×1440 is also very playable), and again an average of 60fps or higher”. And finally, Ultra 4K60 has a clue in the name: “60fps while playing the game at a whopping 3840×2160”.

Just for good measure, there’s a new ‘Pilots Gameplay’ video out today as well.

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