World of Warcraft subs rise again to 10.1 million thanks to Legion

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World of Warcraft subscription numbers have been in decline for quite some time but the release of the Legion expansion appears to have provided a boost.

In an interview with Polish magazine Pixel, Blizzard’s Tom Chilton spilled the beans on the subs number which have climbed back to 10.1 million from around 5.5 million. Blizzard stopped reporting subscriber numbers in their quarterly financials a while back, probably because they could see the numbers dipping significantly. Chilton also said that “it’s still possible” the numbers could leap up to 12 million.

With the release of the World of Warcraft movie this year, which received a mixed reception, and the launch of Legion, Blizzard will be pleased that their decade old MMO is still pulling in big numbers. What those numbers will be in a few months we will probably never know but once the new content is chewed up by players the numbers should settle back down.

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