Mafia 3 patched, FPS cap removed

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As noted earlier, Mafia 3 does indeed now have a patch to remove the 30 FPS lock.

The patch is 1.2GB and also fiddles with a few other things, most of which ties into my theory that the PC version was (and still is) unfinished. Or at least, incredibly unpolished. For instance: the controls screen has now changed to what you can see below, making it a lot easier to see the various different buttons, and a fair few of those buttons have been redefined to things that make a hell of a lot more sense for the PC. E is now both “enter vehicle” and “interact”, while previously those were split up between E and F. Changing the radio station is now 3, instead of comma. Explosives can now be cycled with Z rather than going into the weapon wheel and pressing Z (which I think, but am not 100% certain, is new).


As for the framerate itself, you can now select between 30, 60, and Unlimited FPS caps. Steam’s in-built FPS counter tells me that on “Optimal” settings, I’m running the game at about 50FPS. I don’t know how much I trust Steam’s in-built FPS counter because it always seems a little laggy and slow to update, but the game certainly feels a lot faster. Mind you, after running it at 30FPS, that’s probably not a surprise…

More thoughts on Mafia 3 will doubtless follow next week. For my not-very-impressed impressions of the launch version, have a look here.

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