Improve Mafia 3's visuals with this reshade mod

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Not all PC gamers are impressed with the visual quality of Mafia 3, there’s no doubt it can look a little ropey at times, but it can be improved.

Using a reshade mod to “correct” the colour and remove the blur does make quite a difference as you can see from the gallery below.

The reshade mod from Nyclix does improve the game somewhat and it might be worth a look. Some players have experienced crashing issues but this is being fixed. It’s fairly easy to install so we think it’s worth a shot. Follow these instructions and recommended settings and note there ,ay be a 1-2 FPS loss, but it does look so much better.

With the latest update and the settings below I get 60-90 fps on an i5 3570k at 4.4ghz and a 980ti at 2560×1440 resolution. Windows 10.

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