Valve making another Dota 2 documentary called True Sight

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After the success of Free to Play, it’s probably not a huge surprise that Valve are trying to document professional Dota 2 teams once again with True Sight.

True Sight takes things a little differently though, charting teams on their way to December’s Boston Major. It’ll be divided into episodes, each of which will stream on a two-hour cycle for 24 hours, after which they’ll be available in the Steam library of anyone who’s able to watch them. The first episode airs this Thursday at 4pm PDT (and every two hours thereafter) in English, English subtitles, Russian subtitles, and Chinese subtitles, and focuses on Evil Geniuses and Fnatic as they make their preparations for the Boston Major.

Yes, “able to watch them”: interestingly, this particular series is limited to Fall 2016 Battle Pass owners, which means you’ll have to pay £5.99 if you want in on this. On the one hand, it’s a neat little bonus for the Battle Pass, and if you’re actually interested in these teams and this documentary then you probably have the Battle Pass. Likewise, if it’s of Free to Play quality then that’s not much of an asking price. On the other hand, considering Free to Play was free…

True Sight makes a good deal of sense, considering a few of the past Dota 2 tournaments have had little vignette videos showcasing individual players. With both those and Free to Play in mind, this is a logical next step.

Again: the first episode airs Thursday 13 October at 4pm PDT, and then every two hours thereafter for 24 hours. On 14 October at 4pm PDT, Battle Pass owners will be able to download the episode through their Steam Library. Not word on when the second episode will be available: weekly or fortnightly would make logical sense, but this is Valve, so…

You can see a trailer for this below, and read up on the details at the Dota 2 blog.

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