Paladins launches reward weekends, free access to all champions

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Hi-Rez is trailing a series of reward weekends for Paladins, beginning this weekend (right now, in fact) with free access to all champions in the game. As someone who hasn’t played Paladins, I presume there’s normally a rotation system for which champions are free, or something like that.

Well, from 14 October to 16 October, there’ll be free access to anybody you like. The weekend of 21 October will be a Double Gold event, followed by a Double XP offering for 28 October. Then, on the weekend of 4 November it’ll be “Free Crystals all weekend”.

Here’s the schedule for October (and a bit of November).

WEEKEND OF OCT 14: All Champions Free Event
WEEKEND OF OCT 21: Double Gold
WEEKEND OF NOV 4: Free Crystals

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