Stardew Valley’s Next Two Marriage Candidates Are Shane And Emily

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Last week, Eric “Concerned Ape” Barone posed a question for the Stardew Valley fans who followed him on Twitter. He conducted two polls, one asking who people would like to see as the game’s next bachelor and another asking about a new bachelorette. Now that the polling has closed, he’s confirmed that Shane and Emily will be Stardew Valley’s next marriage candidates.

Shane is a Jojamart employee. He lives on Marnie’s Ranch with Marnie, his aunt, and Jas, his cousin. He’s rather scruffy, antisocial until befriended, and appears to suffer from depression. He’s most often found at home or at the bar. His favorite gifts are beer and pizza.

Emily is the saloon’s waitress. She lives next door to Jodi, with her sister Haley. She also loves making clothes. It’s easiest to find her by going to the bar at night. She loves gems, cloth, and the survival burger.

A date has yet to be set for Shane and Emily’s romantic debut. Stardew Valley is immediately available for Windows PCs.

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