United Front Games grant refunds for Smash+Grab following closure

Posted on 10/19 16:58 in | 0

A few days ago United Front Games closed down which left purchasers of their Early Access title Smash+Grab in the dark.

Following last weekends free Smash+Grab weekend, some gamers purchased the game only to find out shortly after that development had halted. There’s some good news today as United Front has requested that Valve issues a refund to anyone who requests one on Steam.

The update also confirms that there will be no more development or support for the game stating, “As we will not be doing any further development or support, we have asked Valve to make refunds available to any owners who request them, regardless of how many hours played. ”

Good news for gamers but it’s disappointing to see United Front close down when the game was only just getting going. It showed some promise.

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