Paragon v.33.1 patch notes released

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Tomorrow is another new hero day for Epic’s MOBA Paragon and the patch notes have now been released.

This is another week with no major changes to the game other than the new Countess hero and weekly card packs. Major updates are unlikely to happen while the new Monolith map is being worked on which we suspect will be released in the next few weeks.

Our advice is to just enjoy the game for what it is right now before the new map arrives. It’s by no means brilliant at the moment but you can still get some entertaining matches from time to time. Here’s your patch notes, and don;t forget, we’ll be taking a look at the Countess tomorrow in our regular IncGamers Plays Paragon hero features.

Tutorial Updates:
Steel will more aggressive toward the player.
Fixed issues that caused the tutorial to close the client.

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