Evolve Stage 2 fans petition 2K and want Turtle Rock to finish the game

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A couple of days ago Turtle Rock announced they would be no longer working on Evolve Stage 2 which has frustrated the community.

With Turtle Rock’s contract coming to an end and 2K owning the IP, future plans for the game have stalled. Fans have been left frustrated because there were features Turtle Rock wanted to add to the game prior to the contract being terminated.

A petition has now been set up asking 2K to allow Turtle Rock to continue development. The petition also mentions some of the plans that were in the pipeline at Turtle Rock. These included:

Turtle Rock stated on their forums that they, “wanted to continue working on the project” but 2K “ended the contract”.

In the update from a couple of days ago, 2K stated they were still unsure of the game’s business model which sets the alarm bells ringing. If 2K can’t monetise the game effectively they will surely pull the plug at some point in the future,

If you feel passionate about the game then head over to the petition and get your name down.

Thanks to Jake for letting us know about the petition.

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