Overwatch Sombra ARG continues for some reason

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Despite the image leaked image earlier today, Blizard has continued the Overwatch Sombra ARG. 1 November was the date something was supposed to happen based on the update last week.

An attack on the evil corporation Lumerico’s website has now happened. Blizzard has obviously configured the real web server badly to make it look like all their fans that are hitting it are carrying out a DDOS attack.

If you want to continue to following it, because I have just about lost the will to live with all of this, just keep an eye on the Reddit thread which so has so far figured out the following:

The event today was apparently coordinated between Blizzard and the Overwatch Discord group as a bit of “FUN” and “would not have led to solving the entire ARG”, says the Discord moderators.

Oh, and here’s that picture of the new character that was leaked earlier to save you a lot of hassle.

overwatch sombra

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