The Sims 4 City Living launches San Myshuno expansion with trailer

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The Sims 4 City Living expansion isn’t quite released everywhere yet (that’ll be 3 November), but it’s out today in North America. It adds the City of San Myshuno to the game, bringing with it new neighbourhoods, apartment living, metropolitan careers, and various cultural festivals.

City Living adds Politician, Food and/or Art Critic (is food art? discuss), and Social Media Person as prospective jobs for your Sims. If you opt for the first, you might wind up in a Penthouse apartment. For the others, I’d imagine the “cockroaches, leaky pipes, and electrical problems” of more basic apartment accommodation will be more likely. Unless you become the very best of the best, I suppose.

Outside of your Sims 4 apartments, you’ll find the “Arts Quarter, Spice Market, Fashion District and Uptown” neighbourhoods of San Myshuno to explore. City Living is a $40 expansion, containing the following things.

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