AMD Crimson 16.11.2 drivers released

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Okay AMD, I know you endured a lot of jokes about being slow with driver releases, but two Crimson driver releases in 24 hours could be considered a bit excessive. Yes, hot on the heels of 16.11.1, released … um … basically late last night, it’s 16.11.2.

The previous ones had support for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (and the remastered Modern Warfare), plus a few other fixes here and there. This release is all about Shader Cache storage limits. Apparently they will be larger with 16.11.2, so more demanding games won’t fill the limit quite so fast.

Here’s the highlights log. Now you have to decide whether to install 16.11.2 right now, or wait a couple of hours for when 16.11.3 is probably going to appear.

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