New Nvidia Game Ready 375.86 drivers released but have major problems

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Nvidia released new Game Ready Driver this evening taking them to version 375.86 but beware because they are causing problems.

These drivers were released to support Battlefield 1, Civilization VI, future The Division updates, and Steep‘s open beta. Unfortunately, many people who have installed them are rolling them back due to reduced performance and FPS rates dropping by half.

Gamers with  1080/1070/1060 cards are also experiencing much lower than expected memory clock speeds (see thread). SLI users are also experiencing flickering in Battlefield 1.

An Nvidia support person jumped into the thread and responded to the SLI issue:

It is an issue with the patch that was released today and is not specific to NVIDIA GPUs. For now you may want to disable SLI.

We have been able to reproduce the flickering in Battlefield 1 on competitor boards with multi-GPU enabled as well. We will continue to investigate this issue.

If you have installed the driver and are experiencing any issues we suggest you roll back to the previous working driver.

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