RIFT Starfall Prophecy expansion launches with new zones and more

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TRION’s MMO Rift has received a major content update today thanks to the release of the  Starfall Prophecy expansion.

With this expansion comes a level cap increase, five new zones in Telaria, new dungeons and raids, fortress sieges and more. This is a premium expansion so it comes with the price tag of £30.49 for the Standard edition or £45.99 for the Deluxe Edition which comes with a few digital extras. It’s available on the official site now.

This the first slice of premium content released since the game went free to play back in 2013 and returning players can easily jump back into the action. There are game also improvements included such as multicore support and 64-bit tech which they say will provide a 50% performance increase.

It’s been a while since we jumped into Rift and  it’s always been one of those MMOs that should be more popular than it is. It’s definitely one of the better ones out there.

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