EVE: Valkyrie now available on Steam for the HTC Vive

Posted on 11/17 15:04 in | 0

A couple of days ago, CCP revealed that their VR space shooter EVE: Valkyrie was coming to Steam and the HTC Vive and now it’s here.

This appeared a little quicker than we expected but the game can now be picked up for £49.99 on Steam and it comes with a free copy of Gunjack which is their EVE themed wave shooter. All the DLC has also been released which ranges from £3.99 up to £19.99,

The biggest problem with this release? It’s the price. It’s been a while since we played the game on the Oculus DK2 and it was fairly decent, but the £49.99 asking price may be a little too rich for some.

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