Tales of Berseria demo and PC settings released

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Bandai Namco have released a number of technical details about the PC version of Tales of Berseria, along with a demo for the game. Details of the various system settings are compiled in this Steam update post, while the demo can be nabbed from the game’s store page.

On PC, Tales of Berseria will run at 60fps by default (sounds like that’s the cap), with 30fps there as a back-up option if your system requires it. It supports resolutions up to 4K, though this will be upscaled beyond 1080p. The piece says this is the same system as Zestiria. SMAA and FXAA will be available as anti-aliasing options.

You can see further images of the graphics and settings options below. Bandai Namco also confirm that the game will be using Denuvo as its DRM system.

Finally, here are some system requirements. Berseria will be out on 26 January.

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