Quantum Break PC pirates get an eye patch

Posted on 08/01 06:24 in | 0

Quantum Break has been out on the PC for 24 hours and PC gamers who pirate the game will be given some special garb.

The pirate patch has been discovered by players who were logged out of the Windows Store when launching the game which makes it think it’s been pirated. To get rid of the patch the game needs to be restarted.

As far as we know the game has not actually been successfully pirated as it’s protected by Denuvo so this must have been added just in case. This is not the first time Remedy has added the pirate patch, they did the same thing for Alan Wake. The must just love the look.

Tthe PC port of Quantum Break is pretty bloody terrible anyway according to those who have dared to try it. The fact that it’s a Windows 10 only title won’t be helping Remedy’s PC sales either.

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