Paragon Iggy & Scorch hero details - Watch them in action

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This week Epic has been teasing their new Paragon characters Igg & Scorch and today there’s a few more details.

The new additions are not two separate heroes but a single combined to form Iggy & Scorch where Iggy sits atop Scorch. The combined pair create a mage hero with serious lane control. Scorch can place down flame turrets, zone enemies, and secretes a flammable oil for damage over time. Iggy chucks Molotovs that cause fire damage.

This sounds like a really interesting combination and Iggy & Scorch will be playable from 21 April for those that have access to the closed testing. You can also buy in and start playing now.

Our preview of Paragon is available and praises Epic for that they have achieved so far.

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