The Community Spotlight - 11/05/2016

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Hello and welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community and I, @zombiepie, am once again honored to be your host this week! With the weekend dominated by Extra Life based tomfoolery, there's a lot to review this week. The schedule for Giant Bomb's Extra Life plans for the event can be found here. Due to scheduling conflicts and personal obligations Jeff and some of the other staff won't be around but are possibly planning on hosting streams the weekend after the main drive. That aside, be aware that the Extra Life page will be up until the end of the year! So if you were unable to donate while the charity drive happened still feel free to donate when you can. With all of this in mind let's move on with the Community Spotlight!

This is the thread that has all of the information on how you can join and support the Giant Bomb Extra Life Team. Feel free to also link to your Twitch channel once you have joined the team as well.

This is the general Giant Bomb Team page for Extra Life 2016. Thanks to our magnanimous community the team has already raised almost $40,000 even before the event started! You are all wonderful people!

Explosive Runs is still the one-stop shop for all your streaming needs if you want to watch a bunch of Extra Life live streams at once.

Want an easy list of every single Giant Bomb user that plans on hosting an Extra Life stream? You are in luck because RioStarwind has created such a list! Check it out to learn who needs your support the most, and get your name on it if you have not already done so.

Mepsipax has created a supercut of every single one of Vinny's boss kills from his Castlevania: Symphony of the Night VinnyVania.

It might be the stuff of nightmares, but Steve Stark is the one responsible for the AMAZING bomb throwing poster from Drew and Alexis's Extra Life stream.

Pray for Alex's wrists and arms after drumming for as long as he did for Extra Life 2016.

Alexis damn near vomited during the Extra Life 2016 stream. That was enough to inspire HavocHQ to create this amazing work of art.

morehandclaps has another fantastic sketch inspired by this week's Bombcast!

Giant Bomb user Mathey has been creating sketches of everyone on the Giant Bomb Extra Life 2016 stream!

Are you interested in creating an EASHL GiantBomb Team for NHL 17? Join the community effort over here if you are.

Gotta Catch 'Em All! - Part One (By: @danielkempster)

danielkempster started a journey to play through all six generations of the Pokémon series! Read all his plans to have a "complete" Pokédex.

I Suck At Fighting Games: The King of Fighters XIV (By: @perfidioussinn)

Check out PerfidiousSinn's blog on The King of Fighters XIV from the perspective of an outsider and see how welcoming it is to newcomers.

Thoughts on Catherine and Player Character Agency (By: @darth_navster)

Darth_Navster uses Catherine as a case study on "player agency" designed to frustrate viewers as they witness the downfall of a character.

Press X to Understand: Why Are Narrative Prompts Made Fun of So Often? (By: @sammo21)

sammo21 questions the bad rap that narrative button prompts get on the internet, and defends the storytelling technique.

Fighting Final Fantasy IX - Parts 38-49: Will The "Real" Final Fantasy IX Please Stand Up? (By: @zombiepie)

Moderator ZombiePie is still toiling away at Final Fantasy IX. Read why he thinks disc two starts out on a rough note, and why he wants to set Quina Quen on fire.

Check out Cav829's AMAZING guide on how to figure out which DPS character in Overwatch is the best fit for your playing style.

MikeLemmer spent his Halloween playing Lone Survivor and extrapolates why he gives it a strong recommendation.

Giant Bomb Moderator Mento got into a bit of a "spooky" spirit this week by playing Dark Souls III and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. He also looks back on the many bosses of Dark Souls III on the newest iteration of his "Bosswatch" Souls blog series.

TheFlamingo352's latest blog looks back on his love for TRON and the lasting impact the film has had on video games.

Krillin or Yamcha? [Poll and Discussion Thread] (By: @hermes)

Thanks to the tomfoolery of Vinny and the Beastcast we have a "Krillin vs. Yamcha" poll and debate thread... ANIME HAS INVADED GIANT BOMB!

Which Is Your Favorite Titan? (By: @meptron)

Have you decided on what your favorite Titan is in Titanfall 2? Share and discuss the robot of your choice when attempting to inflict robotic mayhem.

Anyone Enjoy Watching A Particular Game But Cannot Actually Play It? (By: @chobobot)

Can you think of games you enjoy watching but struggle to play? Whether it be fighting games or e-sports share your picks with the community.

What are your overall impressions of season one of Hitman? Discuss your favorite levels and final thoughts on the deluge of DLC for the game.

Elusive Target Central 13: The Ex-Dictator November 1st(By: @pyrodactyl)

Have any of you had a go at the latest Elusive Target in Hitman? Share your strategies involved with The Ex-Dictator and how you fared.

Join our community discussion for episode 6 of Hitman over here and share how Hokkaido has been treating you.

Can We Talk About THAT Level In Titanfall 2? [SPOILERS!] (By: @jdizzlefoshizzle)

So what are your impressions of "THAT" level in Titanfall 2? You know... the one with the twist... THAT TWIST! Feel free to share them here.

Has The CoD-style Shooter Lost Traction? (By: @ksck26)

Has the CoD-style multiplayer shooter lost traction? How does Titanfall 2 fit into this discussion? Join our debate right now!

Games In Which Dogs Embrace Their Wild Side And Shed The Generations Of Genetic Engineering It Took To Domesticate Them (By: @audiobusting)

That sure is a title... Well then, help audioBusting think of more examples by commenting on his list.

StealthRUSH is back with another list of his favorite 100 games from a particular genre. This week he tackled the nebulous "action" genre.

Liststorm of Scariness 2: The Exorlist (By: @mento)

Halloween has come and gone, but Mento's been busy building a list of horror games played by the Best Friends Zaibatsu in October. Check it out for ideas if you're still in the mood for spooky games.

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