The Giant Beastcast - Episode 37

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I am so excited about Trucking in America.

Also, Vinny's "You Should!" reading was intense.

I'm really interested in the potential disconnect a game like The Division has with "spongy" enemies because they are human. In Destiny there are a ton of one-shottable foes but it also seems okay to have enemies that eat up a bunch of ammo because they are crazy aliens. When you see a human also doing that, it can feel super weird. There's definitely something interesting to be explored there.

On cards like Black Lotus, thought it'd be worth noting that Magic's two "biggest card pool" formats are Vintage and Legacy. Both allow pretty much any card ever printed, with just a few notable exceptions. As a general rule, Vintage bans some and restricts others to one copy per deck (instead of the usual limit of four). Legacy has no restrictions, only bans. Black Lotus, as the example card, is restricted to one copy in Vintage but banned in Legacy. It's valuable partly due to rarity but also because it is such an iconic and powerful card. Really more of a collector's item than one you're going to bust out and play.

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