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Watch Play Monster Hunter Stories

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Watch  Play Monster Hunter Stories

It’s well past the New Year and as winter cleaning, shrine visits, and holiday sales wind down, the ads in stores for the March release of Monster Hunter XX, the follow up to Monster Hunter Generations, are ramping up.Passing by the games section of my local Yamada Denki reminded me it’s been nearly a month since we began our official stream of Monster Hunter Stories, and it is well about time we started it up again.

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Come Watch Play Monster Hunter Stories

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Come Watch  Play Monster Hunter Stories

In our last Monster Hunter Stories stream we downed an enraged bionic Barroth, dueled with a Dark Diablos, saved Revalt’s hometown from the same creeping darkness that threatened the Rider Village, and reunited with a darker, angrier Shuvel than we grew up with.Our actions shed the village elder of any skepticism he had about us, which he reveals to be a revelation that Monster Riders might be the “Riders” passed down in local legends.

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